All Natural Baker, Bangor, Maine


We are a mother-daughter trio and we love good food!

I am Jillian, mama & head chef, bringing my skills from Le Courdon Bleu Culinary Institute and years of professional experience to the kitchen. While I bake, my Sous Chefs, Willamina & Lucy, provide inspiration and serve as the taste-testers!

Our designer cakes are custom-made and baked to order from the finest ingredients. Utilizing organic flowers and natural flavors, Sweet Willamina is your go-to for an elegant wedding cake, cupcakes for your baby shower, or tortes to impress at your office event. 


I believe in real food.

Nixing the fondant & food dye does not mean comprimising on creativity and aesthetics.  

Using natural ingredients that your grandma would recognize, I bring beauty and flavor that you can feel good about on your big day.

During the summer months more of my ingredients come from the Farmers' Market than the grocery store.

When the grocery store is a must, I ensure that you and your loved ones are eating organic sugar, organic flour, free range eggs, and other ingredients of the finest caliber. 

I have adjusted my recipes over the years to reduce sugar. Incorporating supporting ingredients, such as Greek yogurt to provide a balanced finish not overwhelmed by intense sweetness, allows your flavor combination to really shine. 


In a world riddled with misleading food labels and ingredients that too often undermine quality in favor of cheap options, I read the fine print.

The food I cook represents what I believe in: buying locally, supporting organic farming, and promoting healthy living.


Beyond its ethical implications, real food tastes better! Nothing can beat the tartness of fresh lemon or raspberry or the sweetness of organic dark chocolate or a made from scratch caramel glaze!

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